Welcome to Dhamma.org Webhost2 hosting environment powered by cPanel control panel!

What is Webhost2 environment?

Webhost2 is a secured shared web hosting environment facilitated and managed by dhamma.org SysAdmin team to host center and some special websites.

Following supported options are available to host center websites.

1) Managed WordPress Multi-site, Multi-user and Multilingual website platform.

Simple site template: https://wp-multisite.prod.webhost2.dhamma.org/template-1

Advance site template:  https://wp-multisite02.prod.webhost2.dhamma.org/template-2

If you are a Vipassana organisation, offering courses as taught by S.N. Goenka and would like to maintain website content in an easy to use Content Management System (CMS), you may use this solution. The setup is completely on the 'cloud', it means that you only need a web browser and internet connection. No software is required locally.

Environment is fully supported, managed and hosted by Dhamma.org.

2) Host your own custom site on Webhost2.

Host custom WordPress or any other CMS (PHP/MySQL) based website on Webhost2 cPanel hosting platform.

Please contact [email protected] for help and support. Click here for more info.

3) Managed Typo3 based website platform.

4) Webhost1 Platform (Discontinued for new sites)